On the Baltic Coast

by Sofia DOBRANSKÁ, 3.A The Erasmus project „Old spaces new places“ has been running at our school for two years. We completed some interesting assignments but still we longed for going to a partner´s country. At last we visited autumn Latvia. We started our trip in Riga, the capital city that suprised us. There were many beautiful […]

The launch which changed history

It was May 27 and we were counting down the minutes to the launch of a rocket Falcon9. But 17 minutes before the start they had announced that the launch wasn’t going to happen due to the bad weather. The next opportunity to change the history was on May 30 at 21:22. Millions of people […]

Diary of our Ski course

27.1.2020 Day one In the morning we scheduled a meeting at the bus station, where both our classes met. After we had put the suitcases, skis and other baggage into the buses, we travelled to the Tatranska Lomnica. The journey lasted 45 minutes. When we  arrived at the hotel we got sorted into our rooms […]


Did you know that you can experience adventure with the Orindzik editors?   On 20. 2. 2020 we decided to go to the Štrbské pleso with our group. In the morning we packed all the necessary things, put on warm clothes and set out on the road.   The journey was okay but a lot […]

Interview with our karate star

We asked a person you definitely know a few questions. She’s from class 2.C and she’s a very successful sportswoman. Now you probably know who we are talking about. We are talking about Sára Krivdová. ● When did you start doing karate? I have been doing karate since I was six. I had done gymnastics […]