YouTube guru !!!

Do you know who is the best known for creating make-up tutorials and beauty tip videos on YouTube ? I do. Amazing Michelle Phan !

As you can see from her surname she is Vietnamese American .She was born in Massachusetts, but her mother and father were born in Vietnam. Before she became a YouTube guru, she was a student and worked as a part time waitress in a sushi restaurant.

Michelle Phan joined YouTube on July 18, 2006, and as of November 2010, she has created 100 videos that have been viewed over 260,000,0000 times. She became the No.1 most subscribed female on YouTube and the first female to reach 1 million subscribes. She is very successful and also she is a video spokesperson for Lancome Additionally.

Michelle is known for her video style that incorporates her voice over instruction with music and text subtitles. Popular beauty tutorials released on Phan’s YouTube channel have included her „Romantic Valentine Look“, „Brighter Larger Looking Eyes“, „Makeup For Glasses“, and „Mysterious Masquerade Look“. Her most popular videos include the „Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial“ with over 20,000,000 video views on YouTube.

She is very famous all over the world and I really like her videos , so you can see the best of them here .