What you might not know about Christmas movies

HoHoHo… Christmas is here and a lot of Christmas movies as well. Most of us spend this time by watching traditional Christmas movies or fairy tales.

So let’s talk about the most favourite Christmas movies in Slovakia…

3 Oriešky pre Popolušku – Cinderella

This fairy tale (1973) is a big success of the director Vaclav Horlíček. It’s telling us a story about one young girl, who is growing up with her stepmother and stepsister. They don’t like her obviously.  Once she got an opportunity to go to a royal ball where the prince fell in love with her and… as usual … married her and they lived happily ever after…

I think everybody knows this story but maybe you didn’t know that…

The actor who played prince, Pavel Trávniček ,was afraid of his horse. According to ČSFD Trávniček got this role just because they thought he looks like Alain Delon. On the other hand his figure needed to be redubbed because his voice was not so glamorous and he had a terrible accent.

The actress who played stepsister Dora was pregnant during the filming and in some scenes we are able to see that.


Another favourite Christmas tale about pretty Nastenka and selfish Ivan is Mrazik. It tells us that is never too late to change yourself. The fairy tale is made by Alexander Arturovič and in general it’s not  very popular but in Slovakia it belongs very clearly to Christmas.

Did you know that Nastenka fell really in love with Ivan? She has never told him about it; it was just a platonic love. She was just 14 years old when she was filming this fairy tale. Her parents agreed with the filming after they saw her salary. Mrazik is a Russian movie and this time period when the tale was filmed is known for huge savings not just in film sector. However I find it very nice.

S tebou mě baví svět

I can watch this Czechoslovak comedy over and over again. It’s about three men – fathers who take their kids on a holiday to cottage in Beskydy Mountain.  They experience funny incidents and everything gets complicated when their wives come to visit them and find kids alone while husbands are sleeping.

Children who played in the movie are nowadays adults and every one of them has their own family. For example Pepik studied national trade and is not meeting with his friends from filming anymore. Dášenka studied medicine and Bertík industry. Kačenka moved to France and some sources tells that she joined a sect. Matýsek works in bank and even now everybody calls him Matýsek ,however his real name is Lukáš. Actually he doesn’t remember anything from filming because he was just 2 years old. His Mom told him for the first time, that he was playing in this movie  when he was 7 years old.



Pelíšky is another comedy with Czechoslovak actors that was filmed by Jan Hřebejk. It shows situation at the end of the 60s. Director of the movie was looking for the appropriate actors for a long time before he started with filming and we can conclude that he choosed the good ones. My favourite actor is Miroslav Donutil who played Mr.Šebek. He and Bolek Polívka made an excellent duo. Their improvisations, for example sparkler in Mrs. Šebková’s hair and shout:,, Brašulee!“ was excellent and very funny. The best actress is undoubtedly Simona Stašová (Mrs. Šebková). She won an award, the Czech lion, for her performance. Screenplay was rewritten 8 times till it got the form as we know it today.


Film was made by Juraj Jakubisko with the help of Italian and German co-production. This fairy tale is about the love of brave Jakub and pretty Alžbetka. Perinbaba is one of the most successful Slovak fairy tales that is loved by all generations.

Giulietta Masina (Perinbaba) was a favourite character, but she actually didn’t have such magic life like Perinbaba did. Her first son died during the pregnancy and second one when he was 1 month old. She died in 1994 because of a lung cancer. On the other side Petra Vančíková (Alžbetka) has two children and lives a normal life. According to her,Tobias Hoesl (Jakub) was ,during the filming, very fine but sometimes a little bit spoiled. He played usually bad characters after Perinbaba.






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