What did the ski course look like this year?

As traditionally, even this year the freshman students attended a ski course.

In this article, I would like to give you a closer look at what it looked like, and also that older students can compare it to their course and refresh their memories.

Like almost every trip it  started a bit chaotically. All the stress about luggage and later than about the room assignment. And of course the moment when right after unpacking our stuff we had to go for our first skiing lesson. Everyone was looking for their groups and professors and felt either excited or scared about going skiing. For some students it was their first time standing on ski. However, things got better in the evening when Mrs.Toporcerová informed us about upcoming days and after that we had free time to have fun and socialize until 10 p.m., when we were supposed to be at our rooms. And,of course, we were ;). The next days looked kinda all the same. We woke up, headed down for breakfast, had our morning skiing lesson, lunch with a short break, afterwards we had another skiing lesson and it continued with the evenings – the more fun part of the course… But Wednesday was different. On Wednesday we didn’t have a skiing lesson after lunch. We were divided into two groups. The first group went to AquaCity Poprad and the
other one went for a walk to Hrebienok. I’m sure it was a pleasing variation of an afternoon and surely  a relaxing one for our exhausted selves. Days went and we didn’t even realize it was Friday, the last day of  our course. We packed our stuff, had our last skiing lessons and went home. We had an amazing week full of fun, adventures and we made a lot of great memories. Yes, we also had some accidents and other dramas ,but it all helped us to strenghten out relationships with  classmates and professors. That reminds me … I would like to thank the professors who were there with us for their patience and spirit. This course wouldn’t even happen without them.


Did you recognize our editor Dominika Deptová?


Or our other editor, Veronika Gregoriková? (the one with red helmet 😉 )

Kristína Záhradníková 1.C