What a good friend means to me

I want to introduce you one of the closest people to my heart – my friend Lucy. She´s one of the funniest and best girls I know!

I met Lucy for the first time in Bardejov in 1011. When I saw her and talked to her for the first time I thought we won´t be friends, we don´t see eye to eye…But one day we got alone and started real conversation.  It was amazing, we both actually realized we can be friends.

Lucy is 1,7 m tall brunet with beautiful brown eyes. She´s a skinny, pretty and cute girl with braces.

Since then we met in Bardejov spa for next 3 years so we can say we´re qiute close friends. I think it´s briliant to see her after one whole year and feel that nothing has changed! She´s really great fun to be with. When we are together we´re laughing all the time. But she´s also a very caring person. I can talk to her about everything. I like about her that when I feel I have some problem, we can discuss it and it doesn´t feel like a big deal anymore. Next thing: she gets my humour in the way like nobody else.

Lucy lives in Prešov and she´s a secondary grammar schol student. In the future she wants to be a teacher. We´re constantly in touch, Prešov isn´t that far from SNV. She´s already 18 so she´s kinda my „big sis“. I´m truly happy that I have someone like her.

Natália Smatanová, 2.E