Welcome back!


Dear readers!

We´ve just started a new school year and that´s the time when not only we return to our classes, but also our school English web-magazine Orindžik is back. After two months of rest, we immediately started working on new amazing articles and we have some other news for you, too.

First of all, one of our English teachers (“secret leader” of our web-magazine), Mrs Mgr. Anežka Barillová, is on maternity leave now (we are happy for her  🙂), so we have a new English teacher Mrs Mgr. Ingrid Jančiarová, MBA. She took control over Orindžik and since then she´s part of our editorial board. We are pleased to have her here and we hope, she will take care about Orindžik after our graduation (we wish her good luck  🙂).

The fact that we all were here in the early beginnings of this magazine and now it is the last year (many of the reporters are fourth graders), makes us a bit sad. It brings our memories back to the first year of our study here.

That is one of the main reasons why we have asked two girls attending the first grade to write about their impression and feeling about our school.

We´ve also asked some of other students to write about their summer holidays, something interesting they heard or what caught their eye. Moreover, the very first articles in this new school year are interviews with this-year exchange students Fátima Sánchez and Thomas Newman, an abstract from a novel written by a student, or an article about K-POP (Korean popular pop)!

We have also prepared some materials for graduates, so they can use them to get ready for graduation.

Enjoy! 🙂