Try it too

Last summer, summer 2019, was completely different from all the others. In May 2019 I was offered to attend the Young Leadership training.

I did not hesitate and immediately applied. It was a very pleasant meeting of young people who love working with children. I learned a lot of new things, got a lot of new information and skills. The training lasted for 1 week. We were a very good crew. The second week I was travelling to the camp by train full of children. The camp was focused on folk traditions and customs during all seasons. It was something completely new to me. For the first time I was not in the camp as a child but as a responsible young leader. I love children very much and we all really enjoyed the camp. I look forward to more of these opportunities.

 Message: Be sure to think about every way to get closer to your goal.

Zora Frankovičová (I.C)