Thomas & Fatima

Dear readers, we´ve made an interview with this-year exchange students Thomas and Fatima just for you!

Interview with Thomas Newman:

1. Where do you come from?

I am from Sevierville, Tennessee. Tennessee is in the southern part of the United States of America.


2. Could you introduce your country to our readers?

The United States is a large country in North America. The population of my country is around three hundred fifteen million, and the population of Tennessee is about six million. Our government is a federal republic, and it consists of fifty states and three colonies.


3. Was it hard to decide to go to visit foreign country and stay there for almost a year?

I have always loved to travel, and when I was younger my family had several exchange students in our house, so I knew very early that it was something I would want to do. The idea of staying for a year was a little scary at first, but after the first few days everything starts to settle down.


4. What was your first impression like when you came to Slovakia?

The drive from Kosice to Spisska Nova Ves was so beautiful, so I had the best first impression. I loved Spisska the first time I saw it.


5. Do you have any siblings? How did your family accept the fact you are going to be in foreign country for a longer time?
I have one sister, and she is almost sixteen years old. My family was very supportive in my decision to leave for one year, and they seem to be handling everything at home just fine without me.


6. What do you like the most about our country, city and school?

I love the history of Slovakia. I have always liked history, and I love learning more about yours. I love how I can walk to school here in Spisska, at home I have to drive myself to school. School is great, everyone is so nice to Fatima and I. We would have been so lost if our classmates weren’t so willing to help us and explain things to us.


7. What is the family you live in right now like?

I live with Jakub Panulin, his parents, and his grandmother. They are the best host family I could have hoped for. They have been treating me like one of their family, and it has really helped me avoid feeling homesick.


8. What do you miss the most about your home?

I miss the food from my home a lot. And I know everyone thinks that all we eat is McDonald’s, but that’s not really true. I miss eating our traditional foods with my parents and grandparents.


9. Do you like our national cuisine? What do you like the most?

I love the food here so much. I like pirohi the most, but everything I have tried has been really good so far.


10. Have you ever been to the High Tatras? Are you planning to visit them  (again)?

I went on a trip with my class to the High Tatras, and we went hiking and saw the Green Lake. I would like to return back if I can.


11. Can you imagine you would live in Slovakia in future?

Since I still don’t understand Slovak much, it would be hard for me to imagine living here. As my Slovak gets better, I’m sure I could see myself living here.



Interview with Fatima Sanchez:

1. Tell us please some basic information about your (your age, where do you come from, how many siblings so you have, etc.)

My name is Fátima Sánchez, I´m 18 and I´m from Argentina. I live in the north-east, my city is called Posadas. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, all of them older than me.


2. Can you please tell us the main reasons why you decided to come to Slovakia as an exchange student?

I decided to come because I saw it like a good way to see life from another point of view. It´s all different.


3. How do you like your time in Slovakia so far? What about the school – do you like it here?

Slovakia is a really nice country, I´m having a great time since I´ve arrived. Well, the school is one of the biggest differences… I´ve already finished school in my country, but I´ve never liked it, there teachers are mean and school is too strict. Here it´s much better, I enjoy it.


4. What are the main differences between this country and your country? (people, nature, habits,…)

The first difference that I´ve noticed is that here you take off your shoes when you are going to enter to a house! Then the food, it´s completely different, it´s hard for me to get to use to eat it. I didn´t like soups until I came here, soup is everywhere here.


5. What are your plans for the future?

Hard question. I´ll go to university when I some back. I´ll have to have a routine and be like normal people again. But I really have no idea what I´m going to study yet.



Thank you very much!