Thing I am Concerned About


The thing that I’m concerned about these days is how life of our generation will be in the future. What will WE do? Where will we go? What will happen to us? 

If you ask young people: „What do you want to do for the rest of your life?“ what will their answers be like? Of course, some of them can say that they have a perfect plan to their future. They have  dreams and they exactly know  what to do to achieve them. But what about the rest of them? I think that most of teenagers have no idea what to do after they finish school  so planning the future life is hard to imagine for them. So they are just waiting what is going to happen and maybe once they will know what to do.

Why am I worrying about that? Let me explain.  Based on what I see nowdays I don’t even want to imagine future life of our generation.  If you look around you, you can see people who  don’t appreciate what they have and they dostroy they own future  more and more.

Firstly, I’m scared that if teenagers behave irresponsibly now how can they live as adults. Look how many teenagers are spending hours of their free time playing video games or  wasting the time with surfing on the Internet. And it is still the a better case. Look how many teenagers are for example addicted to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. How many of them are pregnant at a young age or in prison because they have done something illegal. Can they realize that? Can they ever change?

Secondly, how  can we survive in this spoiled world? I don’t like what’s going on with our society. It teaches us that if you have no money you are nobody, that if you aren’t well-dressed you aren’t cool,  that if you don’t learn very well you are just lazy. We are always living in fear of  wars, global warming, hunger, deseases or political situations. This world is  full of violence, stress and crime. How can it bring a happy future to us?

Finally, I would like to say that our  generation has a huge potential and a lot of possibilities, too. We all can make better days but what we need is our resolution. We can reach everything we can imagine so it’s all up to us.

Lenka Zentková 1.E