The White Night

by Viktória Nguyenová, 4.E


The White night is the most visited festival of modern art in Slovakia. It was originated in Paris in 2002 and in 2013 it had more than two and a half of million visitors. This prestigious international art project is supposed to elucidate the current forms of art.

At this year’s festival, which was held in Košice on Oct 3, you could see many interesting pieces of art. For example: „Mechanical field“ by Vincent Leroy, Transtrument by Gábor Pribék, Walden Raft by Florent Albinet and Elise Morin, „Intruders“ by Amanda Parer, „Sevenminutes“ (it is supposed to be written like this) by Róbert Farkaš, „Inverted capacity“ by Onishi Yasuaki and others which you can find on official site of the White night.

On the one hand, I enjoyed all of the art installations which I had a chance to see. Especially Light painting by Jakub Beňačka, Onishi Yasuaki’s work and „Sevenminutes“, which was light intallation placed around a small lake in the City park. It looked like there was a runner running around the lake. Moreover, there was another light installation in the park called „Mechanical field“. It was made of lightened oversized blades of grass. However, it was forbidden to walk among them, which would be very enjoyable for me.

On the other hand, there was a problem with organization, because for me, as someone who have never been on festival before, it was quite difficult to find some pieces of art in town. Furthermore, I missed the signs and the atmosphere such as during the Christmas fair when you can sense it in the air.

Therefore, as i expected it to be much more breathtaking and amusing I can’t really recommend you to go there, but as it takes all sorts of people to make a world I can not recommend you to NOT go. So in my opinion if you truly are an art lover and you don’t seek for artistic atmosphere and you don’t have as high expectations as I did, you should go. And maybe it will be better next year.