The launch which changed history

It was May 27 and we were counting down the minutes to the launch of a rocket Falcon9. But 17 minutes before the start they had announced that the launch wasn’t going to happen due to the bad weather. The next opportunity to change the history was on May 30 at 21:22. Millions of people were waiting for this moment, but why? We had been to the ISS before and not only once.

The company that built and operated this spacecraft is SpaceX owned by Elon Musk. Which makes this launch the first commercial human space flight in the history. Also from 2011 when the Space Shuttle Program was canceled, American astronauts were being sent to the space by Russian spaceship Soyuz. That means this launch started another era of American rockets. Big part in this journey has NASA which has parnership with SpaceX.

The plan is to test the vehicle on the way to the International Space Station, in-orbit docking, and landing operations. The astronauts are supposed to stay on the ISS from one to four months to help with the research.

From the beginning, the flight was very smooth and everything happened in the set time. The Dragon started docking 19 hours after the launch and the astronauts stepped into the ISS at 19:22 on Sunday.

Astronauts that were carried by the SpaceX Crew Dragon were Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, both Americans. They are professional pilots who had tested many vehicles before and that’s why they were picked for this mission.


If everything goes right this flight could be the start of the space tourism.


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Author: Lucia Baková 2.A