The Big Bang, a disease

Hello terrestrials! It’s me again. I am a hundred per cent sure that sometime in your life you have ever been thinking about our universe-how it was created and stuff. Well, I guess everybody has a different theory. I took this idea and mixed it with sloths because they are cute and … well, who doesn’t like sloths? Anyway, I really hope you will enjoy the story.

„I exactly don’t know when it had started. At the beginning, I thought it was just my paranoid feeling and it is not real, but from day to day my head is getting heavier and heavier.“ Bright blue fur of Nathaniel’s body sat next to his pinky life partner Miranda. A doctor in front of them with a stupid smile listened to him.
„Sloths are getting stressed these times. Our planet has been swallowed by technology. Maybe you should take a rest of it. My medicine is: No work, no computers, just a little essence of nature and overworked brain of yours will be working properly again“ skeptical Doctor Clearwater replied. Miranda gave him that serious look. „That’s ridiculous Doctor! We live a Greenpeace life. We would never use this unnatural and disgusting electricity … Ew!“ Doctor’s head took ashamed look. He felt really sorry for the young sloth-man in front of him because he was not able to help him. His self-confidence was ruined by this fact.
„I am sorry ma’am. There is one thing I can do. I am going to pick up a phone and call to, you know … a kind of SOS number. Hope we will find a perfect way to help your husband.“
„We are not married.“

Miranda and Nathaniel left an ambulance without any results. So, they went home. It was quite difficult for Nathaniel to move. Finally, their favorite elder tree appeared. As every night they connected their spirits with primeval forest and dreamed their sweet lucid dreams.

Days passed and nothing has got better. Temperament Miranda decided to go to Doctor Clearwater’s ambulance again. She was full of power and anger because this “revolutionary technology world“ was just a useless bullshit.
„It is not his fault my love. He did what he could. Don’t blame him for the system of this society.“
Powerless Nathaniel disheartened by his heavy shoulders found last cells of hope inside him.

„Hello my green friends!“ the doctor welcomed them with successful feeling inside him because the SOS number had worked, which is a rarely thing. „If you remember, I used the SOS number on our last appointment. It worked of course and I have found this nice soul. She is willing to solve your problem if you go to her laboratory on 3th moon of our planet. Hope you will have a great adventure!“ Afterwards, the sentence was spoken and new hope was born.

The 3th moon of the planet, where life partners Nathaniel and Miranda lived, was the centre of science. Surface was bright white and subway ashy and black. It was also a graveyard down there.

The nice soul was immediately prepared to welcome life partners. They jumped out from transporting ship and met that purple sloth face with round glasses. Her smile showed black space between her teeth. They exchanged a few words and went to doctor’s ambulance. „Doctor Carrieta Drysuop“ as she introduced herself started dialog:
„The SOS number works like this: Doctor calls if he comes across an unusual case. You are an interesting case, Nathaniel.“
„Thanks doctor, it is an honour, I think.“Nathaniel replied.
„Let me solve this for you …“ Doctor Drysoup got strangely excited about it.

Final scene comes a few hours later, when Nathaniel is already examined. He is lying on a desk in the room for the most special cases of all times. He is completely powerless. He lived to see his unfortunate destiny. Doctor Drysoup’s words are exterminating his whole reality.
„I don’t think you are going anywhere, Nathaniel. Do you really think I would lose this unique chance? No, silly. Just imagine all that innocent planets inhabited by parasites with souls capable of loving. You are a universe now. Honoured by the Big Bang. A disease.“ So this is his life. He is soil and the galaxies are  flowers. Under his eyebrows, or even inside his nostrils, he feeds life by itself. A disease that occupies your whole substance called Big Bang fell in love with Nathaniel. Wow, look into the corner of his left underarm, it is our Earth!

Veronika Gregoriková I.C