Thanksgiving Day – what do we know about this holiday?

I think many of you heard about Thanksgiving, but you may not know why they celebrate it or when. Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. The roots of this holiday go back to 17th century, when a group of Pilgrims sat around table and thanked that they survived their first hard year in ´New world´. Indians helped them through tough times and saved many Pilgrims´ lives. Pilgrims invited Indians to celebrate with them.

Thanksgiving became holiday in 1789, when George Washington declared November last day as National Thanksgiving Day. Third American president Thomas Jefferson did not like this holiday so he cancelled it. Fortunately Abraham Lincoln made the fourth Thursday in November National Thanksgiving Day. Since 1941 Americans celebrate it every year.

What they do on this special day? Typically people get together with their friends and family to have a big dinner together. Before they eat they go around saying what they are thankful for. People usually eat turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese and pie.

Lucia Baková, 2.A