Technology – as I see it

Nowadays, we can see technologies and gadgets of any type on every corner. In my view many people depend on technology. Some gadgets are good for using, because they are helpful. But gadgets like games console, tablets or smartphones can take you too much time. For example, when you have to study to school, but you would rather pick the phone and check instagram, snapchat and facebook. That is not bad for five minutes, but when you are looking to your smartphone for longer time you can get dependent very easily. And I am not talking only about teenagers. I saw so many adults who are dependent. It seems to me, that they care only about profiles on social sites and don´t care about real life.

I believe that in fifty years from now, smartphones will be replaced by healthier gadgets. Maybe some gadgets won´t be here anymore. Who knows? On the other hand, things like digital radio, Bluetooth headset, Bluethooth speaker and MP3 player could stay. Because they are not bad for us. Digital radio is for playing music. Maybe it helps you get rid of stress or it just keeps you calm. MP3 player has similar usage. I use this tiny gadget. In my opinion, it is more advantageous than using a smartphone. You can put into your pocket and also you can download many songs into it. I would say, that you can copy some songs from your friend,too.  I don´t think it is bad because if you ask your friend and he agrees, it is OK.

As I see it, technologies give us comfort. We use them every single day. I would be glad if we watch out what all technologies are taking from us and I think if we are careful, they won´t impair us in any way.


written by Kristína Straková, 2.A

(correction: Barillová)