Student blood donation

Year after year, The Slovak Red Cross organizes a campaign called Student blood donation. This campaign is focused on potencional blood-donors, especially students. The slogan of this year’s campaign is You do not have to do anything, which means that all you have to do is just make a decisions and come.

Many students of our school have decided to support this initiative. Today, 21.10. 2013, members of The National Transfusion Center came into our school and did blood taking. First of all, we had to complete a list of questions about our health condition and then we went through a medical check-up. The doctor was the one who decided whether we may be the potential blood donors. The process of blood taking lasted 5-10 minutes. Then we relaxed for a while and we got some refreshment. After this we were free to go home.
Personally, I was a little bit scared at the beginning, but it passed pretty fast. The nurses were really kind and careful and it was almost painless. It is great feeling when you know that you, your blood, can help people, who are in danger. You never know what may happen and you may be the one who may need „just“ a little bit of blood…