Hi everybody,

My passion is space and things like that. So I would like to catch your attention to what you can see on the night sky since  October 21st, till the end of the year 2018.

Every month you can see at least one meteor shower :

21st Oct – 22nd Oct  Orionids meteor shower,

17th Nov – 18th Nov  Leonids meteor shower,

13th Dec – 14the Dec Geminids meteor shower

and a few days before Christmas 21st Dec – 22nd Dec  Urzids meteor shower.

However, for the real show you will have to wait till Christmas. After 5 years a comet 46P/Wirtanem-Christmas will come ´close´ to our planet. The Comet will reach its greatest brightness in the half of December. Also if you go on the midnight church mass, you’ll be able to see comet right above your head.

Lucka 1.A

a Anežka Barillová

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