Everyone knows Greece. Despite the fact that the country is going through many government problems, it´s still one of the most favorite holiday destinations.If people are planning a vacation in Greece, they usually choose islands like Corfu,Rhodos, Mykonos or Fira. I would like to recommend you a beautiful little town called Sarti, which is situated on the Eastern shores of Sithonia.

Sarti is a holiday resort that combines the beauty of scenery, crystal clear and warm sea, white sandy beaches, hospitable locals and many young, good-looking people. 😉

I´ve fallen in love with Sarti because:

There are many options for :


–       Parents with children.

–       People who want to be alone and have the whole beach for themselves, or for couples in is very romantic!

–       Families, big groups, or young people who like small beaches with less crowds will enjoy this area. There are many food and drink stalls (Orange Beach is very popular.)

–       There are also many long popular beaches where more crowds gather.

–       Another highlight in Sarti is that it offers a nightlight. In town there are manystalls, street vendors, shops, bakeries, restaurants or discos (Macedonia Discois very popular and also Saturday Night Fevers, where there are DJs from all Europe.)

–       For people who love good food, there are some Greek special dishes which are really very tasty; Gyros, Tzatziky, Kefalonian Kreatopita – a meat pie, Loukomades which are fried balls of dough drenched in honey.


I´ve spent 14 days in Sarti and I think that it has been the best vacation ever. If you do not know where to go on holiday, now you KNOW the answer. So I just hope I caught your attention and you try it.


Lenka Pokrývková