Christmas time is coming and it is also related to giving presents to our families and friends. This is why I addressed some people and asked them two questions.

“What do you want for Christmas? “

  • The most common answer was money.
  • Clothes were on the second place.
  •  Smartphones and drugstore scored third place.
  • A few people said they have no idea what they want to get.

” What are you buying to your friends and family? “

There were different answers:

  •  Drugstore, socks, pyjamas, perfumes, candles, books and toys.
  • Often there was an answer “Nothing“.

Let´s ask ourselves a question:

“Are the presents really important?”

It depends.

Christmas is a festival of peace, family and love to each other. Presents aren´t important. It´s about an atmosphere when family is together.

But on the other side, every gift will please and it´s a proof that someone remembers you. The price of a present is not what matters. The most beautiful gift we can give to someone is giving him/her yourself. Listen, advise, help, embrace when someone needs it. Making someone smile, bringing pleasure, sitting at the bench at the house, drinking coffee or sharing a charm of the present moment are the best ways to show your loved ones how you care.


Sára Krivdová, 1.C

Jana Kotebrová, 1.C

Kristína Cmorejová, 1.A


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