Plastics on Earth

Plastic itself is a BIG problem on  the Earth. Plastic is everywhere: in the oceans, seas, in the wild, in homes. Even a large number of animals have died due to the plastic.

Struggle against plastic: Recently, a girl from Sweden ,Greta Thunberg, has been fighting the climate change, plastic. She protested against climate change and instigated more people to join her.For this act she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The new term ,,Zero waste“ is now known worldwide. This is when a person or a household produces no waste.

Why recycle plastics?

  1. Saving natural resources
  2. Energy saving
  3. Less pollution, climate protection

Many people do not recycle plastics or recycle them poorly. Plastics decompose in the nature for 500 to 1000 years. Overall, about 100 million tonnes of plastic waste contaminates the planet each year. So-called disposable plastics are already banned in many countries. One Slovak uses 466 plastic bags per year. Recycling 1 plastic bottle gives up to 18 hours of light. Therefore, it is important for the future of humanity to separate waste and use less plastic.


Author: Maroš Schewczuk I. C