An essay: Using new technology produces lazy people

It doesn´t matter whether you agree or not with this statement, you should definitely read the essay which was written by Sima Denešová. You may find it inspiring or at least useful as an example how that could be done….

So ensure that you have a fortune saved up for products.

So as to fully recognize the various kinds of endeavors within the IELTS writing examination you should to training writing as various types as you might. The correct register, or level of formality, ought to be used for each writing job. It is likewise quite simple get depressed in the whole process of examining only […]

Technology – as I see it

Nowadays, we can see technologies and gadgets of any type on every corner. In my view many people depend on technology. Some gadgets are good for using, because they are helpful. But gadgets like games console, tablets or smartphones can take you too much time. For example, when you have to study to school, but […]


Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things. ― Kurt Vonnegut We, people, do take many things for granted. Everyday things and small signs od love and friendship are the most precious elements of a happy life. So, let ´s live our life with our […]


He, who has not Christmas in his heart Will never find it under a tree. -Roy L. Smith   Everyone is cleaning  their houses, preparing them for the  big day. But what about us? Let´s feel the Christmas. The smell of gingerbread, the peace and the right feeing of home. Or even in the evening watching […]