Did you know that you can experience adventure with the Orindzik editors?


On 20. 2. 2020 we decided to go to the Štrbské pleso with our group.

In the morning we packed all the necessary things, put on warm clothes and set out on the road.


The journey was okay but a lot of people travelled with us. Together we arrived at Štrbské pleso where we took pictures, packed up and enjoyed the view of  ski jumps and nature.

But that wasn’t the best! We visited the Fun Park where all the fun started. Although some of us were afraid of these attractions,  it was a lot of fun. We sledged on rubber wheels and on a huge snow raft. We also got helmets. It was amazing and certainly none of us regretted it.


Thank you for having such a great day. You can also experience it if you join us.

Author: Laura Škarupová(2.A)

Photos: editorial board