Our awesome „Imatriculation“

by Sofia Dobranská, 1.A


IMATRIKULÁCIE – a traditional and popular school event took place again at our Orange grammar school. This year´s 3rd graders did their best to succeed in this challenge. „We wanted this event to be a special experience and unforgettable evening. So, how to do it? That was the question for us to answer. After a stormy discussion  we agreed on the topic: The Mafia,“ told us one of the organizors Viktória Jakubcová, 3.A. There was much work to do ahead. Moderating, preparing scenes, videos, invitations, and making up funny tasks. Everything had to be perfect. „It was very stressful for us and we could not say if we were going to succeed for 100%. We wished both the teachers and students liked it.“

A few weeks later there was the Day. On the one side we couldn´t wait, but on the other we were also afraid because we didn´t know what to expect.

As the topic was Mafia each class´s clothes were adjusted to it. A-class wore kimonos and they were Japanese. B-class were cool Americans, C-class decent and every time stylish Italians. D-class with Russian caps were Russians. Imatriculy took place at the cinema. We – the firsgraders – were marching, singing around the town square in the direction of the cinema and having fun. „Imatriculation was very nice, we had a lot of fun and I enjoyed it.

„The best experience was walking around the town, where we were screaming, singing and having fun. We also won with our topic which was the Italian mafia. I would like to thank our thirdgraders and the teachers for organizing such a great event with full of fun.“ said Zora Frankovičová from 1.C. Every class had a maskot who should have encouraged classmates and also when some classmates were absent he had to do the job for them. The students had to show their artistic and sports skills in the activities. They also played a game of thrones – chair dance, read quotes backwards. The atmosphere was positive, all those tasks were funny and everybody ecouraged his/her classmates. The programme also contained some funny short videos. At the end everybody was singing. Yes, the teachers were singing too. „The atmosphere was great. We will remember it for a long time.“ Kristína Hatalová from 1.C

„We are satisfied with our work. What is even better is the positive feedback we got from the students and the teachers.“, added Viki.