On the Baltic Coast

by Sofia DOBRANSKÁ, 3.A

The Erasmus project „Old spaces new places“ has been running at our school for two years. We completed some interesting assignments but still we longed for going to a partner´s country. At last we visited autumn Latvia. We started our trip in Riga, the capital city that suprised us. There were many beautiful places, monuments and also nice park in the centre. Autumn in Riga has its charm.

Later in the evening we headed for Ventspils, a coastal Latvian town. The program was prepared from Monday to Friday by the first „Gymnasio“ in Ventspils. On Monday we met students from other partners´ countries. We had a guide tour round the town. We saw a new and modern library, then we went to the Grammar school for the opening ceremonial. We were welcomed by the school director and some gentle Latvian songs sung by the school choir.

The next day we started working on the Digital Encyclopedia, one of the final project products. We worked in the Book Creator application and the encyclopedia will contain the description of the most important Slovak, Turkish, Latvian and Lithuanian patterns. Later the Mayor presented us the town and its future projects. We also had some creative workshops where we learnt new art techniques and got to know students from other countries more. That day we visited the House of Crafts where they showed us what life in the town had been like in the past.

We enjoyed the most the third day of our stay. It was the excursion to Alsunga  and Kuldiga towns. It was magical. Even if the widdest waterfalls were charming,however, the city was really beautiful. Many houses with Russian touch, lots of cozy  caffés and Kuldiga castle. In Alsunga we baked traditional Latvian cakes with carrot and potatoes. Some peple liked them more some less. We also learned traditional Latvian folk dances and we enjoyed them a lot, it was very funny.

We took a short city tour with other students on Thursday. We visited The Youth House where we talked about traditions in our country. We spend some time in The Air Museum. Many little tradional wooden houses, the curcuit by train around the the open air museum was a very nice trip. And yes, in the middle of the open air musem was a huge wooden windmill.

On the last day we visited very modern Concert Hall in Ventspils. We were enchached. The wooden space which was used for teaching music, practising for concerts, music recording and also modern library with bluethoot armchairs! The end of the mobility program was a concert performed by the school band and the certificate submition . It was a beautiful and unique experience. It is not very  common to travel to the country like Latvia. It was worth the effort and work on the project.