My Gap Year

When I was a child, I had a lot of dreams, like to be a princess, have a wonderful palace, have jewelry, and have power and authority. My dreams changed the moment when I understood how the world works. I was very disappointed. I started thinking about poor people. Where is justice? Is somewhere here? Is it in us? Who knows? And these questions forced me to find out something about poor countries. One of the poorest countries is Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country in southern Africa. The people and the culture are wonderful, especially their specific dance called “Muchongoyo“. There are the majestic Victoria Falls. There are so many national parks and exciting wildlife. It is absolutely amazing, but it is only one side of the coin. Zimbabwe is one of the most beautiful and at the same time one of the most poor countries. It is hard to see poverty when there is beauty. My reason of interest about Zimbabwe was not about positive things but I was looking on the other side. I was interested in children without parents, hungry children, poor families, and children who wanted to study but cannot.

When I heard about gap year, I was very happy because I felt that my dreams could come true. I just was waiting for a right moment. The gap year gave me an opportunity to truly discover who I am and why I am such a person. It allowed me to become my own person. I believe a gap year helped me navigate my life and destroy feelings of uncertainty.

Now, after my the best year in my life, I can say that I know who I am and why I am here.

Linda Kožárová (3.E)