Love without borders

by  Alexandra Plošková

Catherine Emma Gilmour was in the eyes of the common human just another conceited and spoilt princess who all her life has not moved a finger. Her father was a very good lawyer and since her family was the heir of the old rich family, she lived in a large manor few minutes from London. Today was Sunday, and as always she usually passed the gardens in manor and spoke with her long-time nanny. In the afternoon, she was waiting for her piano and singing lessons. Her plans were ruined by her servant. He led her to a salon full of strangers. There was a woman in an expensive costume with a perfect appearance and she was about 40 years old. A man with a long beard next to her was smoking expensive cigarettes. Between them was a young boy about her age and he smiled at her. He was not ugly, but not her type. On the street she would never notice him. „Catherine, I’d like to introduce you to the Lady and Lord Wilsons and their son, David.“ Politely she smiled but did not understand what was happening. „David is your fiancé,“ her father explained to her and she was petrified.  „We got you engaged before your birth.“ She sat at the piano and cried. She never wanted a marriage of obligations for money or good connections. She knew that parents picked a man for her but always hoped that it would not eventually happen. She was too young to get married. She was only 19, studying, and her biggest dream was to travel around the world. She did not want to do it, did not want to give birth to David´s child and her family’s heir. All her life she had been trapped in a cage like a bird and could not fly freely. She did what they preached to her, did not experience parties, shopping with friends, or dating boys. She knew nothing. Catherine never experienced love. And probably would not experience, when she spent the rest of her life with David. She would never love him. If only she knew that someone would come into her life and flip it upside down. That night, Catherine could not close her eyes. She turned from side to side and imagined that in about 14 days she will spend her wedding night with David. Now she had nightmares. She woke with circles under her eyes. Waiting for her hard day, evening had together with David to visit the opera in the best London Theater to know each other better. Her father was nervously running around the house all day. He ordered workers and gardeners to begin remakes of the garden to a spectacular place for the wedding. He kept bringing the most beautiful flowers from the world, build a fountain and complete other unreasonable requirements her demanding father. Catherine stood before the mirror in her room, dressed in beautiful evening dress with diamond jewelry and wait for the arrival of David. On honk of limousine, she went downstairs in front of the manor. There was a white delivery car with the workers. They pulled from van various tools and looked at Catherina flirty view. Someone whistled and she blushed. She walked to the limo, but some mysterious way her legs mixed up in high heels and she almost hit the ground. But some strong arms picked her and intoxicating scent that belonged to a young black- haired man with chocolate eyes. He looked like a foreigner. A very attractive and handsome foreigner. Their views met and then she had the feeling that she could not breathe. „You must be more careful, Miss.“ He smiled with his radiantly perfectly white teeth. The whole show she could not concentrate and she was thinking about unknown man. Her heart pounded as the race and her head was spinning. The whole evening she was so cold and inaccessible to David. When she returned home,it  was deep night. She had planned to crawl into bed and dream about a mysterious man, someone in the dark, gently took her hand. „Shhh. I will not hurt you.“ she got to know the voice of the foreigner. He had a very strange accent. „I am Touraj but for you Tooji.“ „Catherine.“ she breathed as dazed. And she was dazed. „I am from Iran and I escaped for a better life and love. I think that, one I have already found.“ he whispered when she trembled. That she fell in love with a man from another culture, into the unknown, into other customs, crossed all barriers and threw over her head all commands which they instilled to her for years. And she felt good. She felt she was free. „I want to show you something, you let me?“ She just nodded and then began her thirteen-day adventure in which she tasted the forbidden fruit with Tooji, and experienced the most beautiful night of her life. They told lots too about the war in his country, the culture, his family, and she always like to listen to him. Her prejudices gradually fell down, and she was crossing borders. She knew that she violated all the rules and she was unfair to David, but she felt that she now finally tasted life. They secretly went in London, they laughed were as mad as ordinary couples. It was amazing. When they finally stood before the altar, the foreigner was long gone in Iran. He had to leave because of his family, and she had to do what everybody expected from her lifetime. But then she laid in tears every night and thought of a secret lover. „Nicholas, stop!“ Catherine cried at the little nine years old boy who was chasing the frightened pigeons in the middle of one of London’s Square. The boy had a striking resemblance to the mysterious foreigner with black hair and brown eyes. She wondered over that similarity, but it was painful than usual when she suddenly lost Nicholas from her sigh. She began frantically looking around. „You must be more careful, Miss.“ spoke up the familiar voice, and she got to recognize the sentence. She had goosebumps on her body. She raised her head and before her found him who was holding the hand of his son. She stared at two pairs of identical chocolate eyes. „Tooji?!“