What is your first idea when I say South Korea? Maybe Seoul, kimchi, the most modern technology or clothes. It is a very difficult question, isn’t it?

Well, I’ll help you. Last summer I noticed that the first Asian song was played very often on Slovak radios. It is called Gangman style. Have you ever heard it? I think 95% of you heard it and I want tell you that this song is sung by Korean’s singer – Psy. When someone says the word KOREA, my first idea is K-pop! Handsome boys, beautiful girls, the best song.



So, what is K-POP?  

It is an abbreviation for Korean popular pop. It is a musical genre consisting of Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B and electronic music from South Korea. K-Pop has become popular among teenagers. Thanks to fan pages on Facebook, iTunes, Twitter profiles and music videos on Youtube, it became popular all over the world.



1990s – First K-Pop girl’s and boy´s bands were established.

Later in 1990 on the scene appeared YG Entertainment, DPS Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, etc.

2000s – Many of the biggest K-Pop groups and solo singers, including BoA, Rain Bi, Wonder Girls, TVXQ, JYJ, SS501, 2PM, BIGBANG, miss A, KARA, Super Junior, SHINee, 2NE1, etc. became popular in the East and South Asia.


I come from Vietnam that is why I am interested about K-PoP.

Since I’ve started listening to K-pop, I try to memorize some of the words, I can say some words in Korean and I learned some K-pop´s dance choreography, too .


My recent top 5 K-pop songs:

1. Crayon pop – 빠빠빠 (bar bar bar)

2. 2NE1 – Falling in lovE

3. Teen Top – Rocking(장난아냐)


5. Exo – Growl


You should try it!

Yen Le Thi, 2.E