It is all about the point of view…

Have you ever been in situation when you realized that things are better than you thought?

Have you ever seen a person who is always angry beacuse of everything around?


I was in a bus. I was a a little bit disgusted, because many people around me were ill and they sneezed without hand on their mouth. I almost did the same decision like every morning: I hate buses. But then a little boy with his mom got on.



He started to have questions like: Mom? Will this bus jump? I want him to jump. Why don‘t buses jump? He was excited about everything. Look mom, trees! Look! Traffic lights! Ordinary things amazed him.  Some people use to cut trees down, because they want more sunlight in their houses. Many drivers hate traffic lights. This little boy almost didn’t breath when he was looking at these ordinary things.

I started to ask myself: Why are little kids so happy because of things that people usually don’t notice or don‘t like? Why does kid have fun in rain and older people are going crazy when little drop falls on their faces? Wouldn‘t life be much prettier if we were happy because of little ordinary things? It would be a life full of pleasures all the time.

Then we got off. Little boy cried because he didn‘t want to go to doctor. He wanted to be in a bus full of ill people who sneezed without hand on their mouth and he wanted to look through windows to see unbelievable things growing up from the ground.

Then I realized that buses are not so bad as I thought.

Valéria Mikolajová, I.A