Interview with our karate star

We asked a person you definitely know a few questions. She’s from class 2.C and she’s a very successful sportswoman. Now you probably know who we are talking about. We are talking about Sára Krivdová.

● When did you start doing karate?
I have been doing karate since I was six. I had done gymnastics before.

● How often do you train?
I train two times a day except for weekends. In the morning before classes and in the evening. At the weekends we usually have competitions.

● What’s your club’s and coach’s name?
My club is called Karate Club Iglow, it’s in Spišská Nová Ves. I train under the leadership of my main coach J. Javorský and M. Čech, D. Vysopal, M. Košala, and fitness trainer Š. Spišák.

● Why did you choose karate?
My parents signed me up, because as a child I was very hyperactive. I started to like it later and I kept doing it.

● Which country, where you have been to, you like the most? Why?
I’ve been to many countries competitively, but I liked it in Russia in Sochi the most. During the time I was there, the atmosphere was olympic.

● What’s your biggest achievement?
Among my biggest achievements belong the fifth place in World championship in Chile and the third place in Europe championship in Hungary. I’m also a multiple champion of Slovakia.

● Congratulations to all of your achievements. Our school is very lucky to have you studying here. We wish you all the best, thank you for your time.

Jana Koterbová, Michaela Morihlatková 2.C