Interview with a TV reporter

Hi our readers!

We had a great day last week! On 10th May, 2012 there was a presentation of our project:

About us – not only for us (more about it in Editorial – Older Entries).

We are not going to describe the presentation (even though it was really amazing) as we are preparing an article for the Korzar daily. We would rather offer you an interview made with a nice TV reporter Martina Šmotková.


Did you like our presentation?

Yeah, it was short, last a few minutes. It was really interesting. There are students from the first to the third grade and I appreciate their approach and dedication because I can see in my job that young people are often lazy and they don´t want to do anything. You did it well!


Which part of our presentation did you like best?

I enjoyed everything, from the begining till the end.


What do you think about Orindžik?

Overall, I would evaluate it very positively. The presentation, the articles and graphics were done very nicely.


Which category did you like best?

Every. I was interested mainly in students´ enthusiasm.


If you had the opportunity to participate in the competition like the students of our school, would you join it?

Of course!



Thank you for the interview.


Watch some photos and a reportage from our presentation 🙂

ORINDZIK presentation on TV Reduta