Influence of technical development on the standard of living

People have always tried to make their life easier. In the last few decades the technical development has been rising rapidly and many useful things have been invented. It has had an enormous impact on the standard of living that is generally still getting better. Nowadays, we all use some labour devices and gadgets in our everyday life.

I consider the development in the medical sphere as the most important.  Many people’s lives have been saved thanks to new medicaments and modern surgeries. I think the most amazing is heart transplantion. The first such operation took place in Cape Town, South Africa on December 3, 1967. It was performed by cardic surgeon Christian Neethling Barnard. Although it didn’t prolong the patient’s life very much as he died of pneumonia 18 days later, it gave a new hope people suffering from heart diseases.

Although, new inventions save time and even lives, we sholud use the sensibly and sholud not forget they aren’t the most important things and values in our life.