Ima3cooly 2016

As usual, we had imatrikuly this year, too. It took place at Kino Mier and it was organized by 3rd grade students and some teachers.

At first, all 1st graders met with their 3rd graders at school, where older creative students dressed our newcomers into plastic bags, overalls, leggins, bras and decorated them with funny quotes. Decorated like this, our freshmen walked through the streets and then they came to the cinema, where whole school was gathered.

This year, imatrikuly was in theme „Orange factor“ and it was moderated by Jakub Greš and Matúš Hadidom. It was also kind of special because of the jury, which consisted of 3 judges, who rated performance of the freshmen.

The program consisted of two parts. During the first part, our  newcomers faced „welcoming“ tasks, where they tried to complete their challenges. The second part consisted of  videos created by students, dance performances of Čačina and Art School and other interesting performances. In the end, every member of the jury chose one of the freshmen, who was given the scrimshanker – a piece of paper which can be used on one lesson when our freshman doesn’t trust himself in showing his knowledge to professor in front of the board.

 Imatrikuly of this year was unique and entertaining thanks to students and professors that spent their free time working on the preparation and also thanks to the freshmen, who spread positive energy.
We hope that our newcomers had a wonderful time and we wish them four unforgettable years at our school.

Paula Ševčíková(3.C) and Valika Mikolajová(3.A)