On Friday (5th october 2018) a big event called „Ima3cooly“ was happening. This event was organised by third graders. At the beginning of the school year, we have become friends with third graders, which this event was organised by.

Every class had a dresscode according to a theme. The theme was chosen by third graders. We (1.A) had reflective vests, rainboots, black jeans (girls) or black leggins (boys) and black shirts. Also we had special crowns, which were made by our amazing third graders.



Together we were representing our classes by hand-made posters and huge noise. Later that afternoon we came to the „kino mier“, were it all began. We were welcomed by two hosts. Every class had a mascot which was helding with tasks. At 4pm „Ima3cooly“ has begun.



Our tasks:


  •  the easiest – jumping in bag, drinking tomato juice
  •  the most disgusting – eating e.g. popcorn dipped in vinegar or banana with mustard
  •  the hardest – licking nutella from glass, fiding candies in bowl with flour




Laura-schoolgirl (1.A)

K: How did you feel about „Ima3cooly“ ?

L: It was amazing and funny at the same time.

K: What did you like the most ?

L: I liked how it was organised, I liked music too but the best were a boys in a skirts.

K: Which task was yours ?

L: It was easy, I had to dress monterks with my mounth. I was first.

K: What do you think about mascots ?

L: They were great and so funny and I believed that our mascot would win but he did not win. But they were really cool.

K: Will you come to watch next year ?

L: Absolutely yes.




Laura Škarupová, Klára Andrassy, Zuzka Pavlíková a Juliana Kukurová