How would my fictional planet look like?

Hello! I hope you are doing really well because I surely am, but let’s just leave that for now. We’re here because I think it’s a pretty good time to have a talk about fictional planets and stuff because now, when the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has just come out to our cinemas ( first ran December 15th) it is on point, right? I have already seen it and it was hillarious! As expected, Rogue One is set into the Star Wars universe some time after the events of Star Wars: Episode III. – Revenge of the Sith.

But now, let’s leave that one and try to have a look somewhere very deep into your imagination and build a brave new world somewhere in a galaxy far, far away…

Stroudelia, a little planet surrounded by five moons, orbited its axis complacently. Its beauty added an orb which looked like freckles from the ground. Stroudelia was such a magnificent place. It didn’t have any specific color because her shiny surface was warning by an unusual kind of star. It was holographic. Heaven seemed lavender because of special atmosphere. It covered nights on it with dark, most magical purple far and wide.
Citizens, mostly artists and melancholics, usually spent here their whole lives because, where can you find more peaceful place to live? The planet was like a Gay Pride Parade by itself. Stroudelia loved her citizens irrespective of race or teeth size. It had the biggest heart in the universe. Literally. It didn’t just exist. It had its lungs to breathe, its brain to think, its heart to love. And it was using its superpowers to protect. The planets, they live. They always do. But in the galaxy where it lived, not every planet was so kind and nice like Stroudelia. We could liken that relationship to the Solar system from galaxy called Milky Way. Stroudelia was so pure and innocent like Pluto, which was expelled violently. Jealousy is the quality that started everything. But the great and horrible war is to be described another time. Eventually, when the planet survived too many attacks and was too old to make it, its eyes started closing and tears started to flow. Its color started getting more gray. That process aliens marked as the most beautiful work of art in history. Stroudelia showed how pretty dying could be. Pure and aesthetic.

And what about you? How would your fictional planet look like? Who is your favorite character from Star Wars?


Veronika Gregoriková  1.C