Hello School!



We are Natalia and Linda and we want to tell you our feelings about this school.

When we were studying at elementary school, we were dreaming about high school. We expected our new school to have friendly classmates, great teachers, beautiful atmosphere and big windows. Our friends told us about this school so our expectations were clear. During our summer holiday, we were thinking about our first day at this school. We were so excited!

Now we are here for almost two months and we feel like our dreams came true. Everything, here, is great! We have great classmates, teachers and big windows. We really like it here!

After a hard workday, we can eat tasty lunch that is served by friendly cooks.

We have lots of extracurricular activities, such as sports, so we have a chance to develop our talent.

Every school year, we have special activities prepared for us. First graders are going to attend a skiing course. Second graders have a swimming course. Third graders are elated to learn ballroom dancing and the fourth graders are proud of their graduation ceremony.

We are happy to be here and will try to make the four years at this school, a great time of our lives.


Natália Smatanová, Linda Kožárová, I.E


Btw, Natalia and Linda are the new members of the Orindzik team. Welcome girls! 🙂