Halloween: Trick or Treat!

What is Halloween? It is actually a big event in America and in a lot of another countries on 31st October. In the past, people used to call this eve: “All Saint’s Eve”, but today this eve is practised only in Christian families. Other families celebrate Halloween.

“All Saint’s Eve”- the day when you are supposed to remember the death of people you loved, including saints and everyone dead from your family.

Some typical Halloween habits include activities like parties where you have to wear masks, decorating houses, carving pumpkins into jack-o‘-lanterns, pranking friends and telling each other scary stories.

Our school is taking care of our education about traditions of English – speaking countries, and that´s the reason why we will have Halloween Day in our school. Everyone (students and teachers) is supposed to wear a costume this day. This Halloween day will be on October 28. You can expect a day full of fun and fear! After this Halloween day we have autumn holidays! 

At the end, we wish you big fun. We hope you will have scary and funny masks,

Kate and Anne