Generation of nomophobics

Hi! Have you ever heard about the World Day Without Phones?

We live in the 21st century, where we can easily get lost without using a mobile phone. We can be called ,,the generation of nomophobics“ (nomophobia is a phobia of being without phone). Could you imagine a day without a mobile phone? People celebrated this day few days ago. The World Day Without Phone was introduced by a french writer, Phil Marco. The day was celebrated for the first time on February 6, 2001.

Imagine that you wouldn‘t have your  phone for a one full week… Would you miss any app on your phone? Here are my five most commonly used apps that I would definitely miss.



It lets you explore and share different types of content. All content is categorized under different folders. You can find delicious recipes (that will certainly make you feel hungry), useful home tips, but also nice photos of everything . There is something for everyone on the Pinterest and you can add it into your private boards, comment on other people’s  posts and collaborate with them on projects.




I can’t  imagine a day without Spotify. If you’re not a big fan of radio songs, you will definitely enjoy this app. In this app you will discover new genres of music.It is certainly worth of buying a version of Spotify premium, which offers a lot more options.



If you are a person who likes to write your own stories then you have to download the Wattpad app to your mobile. You can add your own stories to this app, as well as read storie of different genres, including poetry, historical fiction, fan-fiction, humor, classics and romantic cliché from other “potential writers”.



The forest is a great app to teach you how to stay focus and keep your hands off your phone. When you open up the forest app , you will see a timer which you can set from 10 minutes to 2 hours. After the first seconds, The Forest will plant a seed that grows during your studying. This seed will grow into your „virtual forest“ and turn into a tree. However, you must not leave the application (you can’t go on facebook or instagram) otherwise your tree will die. When timer is finished and you look on the app your tree will have fully grown  and you will be rewarded with tree in your forest and some coins . You can spend them on growing trees in different countries around the world. This application not only forces you to learn but also helps contributing to real tree planting around the world.



This app is ,,the most annoying app“ on my phone but without it I wouldn’t wake up in the morning. It works like a classic alarm clock only the default option to turn off the alarm is different. You can turn off the alarm in several ways: by shaking your phone like a crazy, solving an easy math problem, playing a memorize game, or scanning a barcode for an object.  If you really need a jolt to get out of the bed, this alarm with no mercy is for you.

Thanks for reading!



Author: Diana Klučárová 1.C