Fun day with social media

The winning story by the students from ERASMUS+ project: E. Schlosserová, L. Viežbová, R. Šofranko,Félix Hadušovský

I was walking down the street in a complete dark looking at the screen when I received an email. ‘You have won an amazing trip to a special place in a drawing competition. Click on the link below to find out more.’ I was truly excited, because I had been waiting for the results for weeks. Therefore, I wanted to find out more about it immediately so I clicked on the link. Suddenly, I saw a dazzling light and then nothing. Once I opened my eyes, I felt different. I was no longer in the streets. I was looking around and thinking where I could be. And I knew. I was in my cell phone, standing on my screen. But why? ‘Am I dreaming?’ I thought. ‘What is the last thing I remember? Yes, the victory. Well, this must be the prize, the trip.’ I stopped worrying and decided to have the best time of my life in here.

First of all, I jumped into my favourite social medium, Instagram, in order to experience all the things that celebrities post there. Sunny beaches of California and me sunbathing next to Rihanna, having lunch in best sushi restaurant in Japan, I even tried surfing in Australia. It was such fun. Whilst eating a perfectly-looking waffle filled with ice cream, I headed for YouTube.

There, I got to meet my beloved talk show host Ellen, I became part of a few music videos and finally, directed my own short film.

My next steps led to Twitter, since I wanted to know what is new. I encountered my role models, nevertheless, there was not much talking involved. Each told one or two sentences about random subjects. They were humorous, jokes all around me, but still, I felt lonely. Hence, I set out for my friend to Facebook.

As soon as I got there, I began listening to what had happened to my friends, to their experiences, some of them showed me really nice photos or sang me a song. All at one, I heard a ring. At first I was perplexed, but then I realized I must have received a notification. I checked it. It was my brother’s birthday, which I totally forgot about, by the way. So thanks to Facebook I jumped to his timeline, where I wished him happy birthday. I tended to hug him, however, it was not possible. So we were standing there sipping martini and eating a birthday cake.

Just then I started thinking about my family and the fact, that they had no idea I was here living my dream. That’s why I went to Whatsapp so as to let my parents know what had just happened to me. I was talking to them for a while, but I couldn’t see them. They were answering, but I didn’t feel their presence. They were laughing, but I was not able to feel their emotions. Actually, I missed it, I missed them.

‘Maybe a concert would cheer me up,’ I said to myself. There was a wide range of live concerts to choose from on Spotify. I made my choice and spent the whole night listening to Kygo, singing and dancing to his songs on a private concert just for me. I was chatting with him using lyrics from his songs and felt were good in his company. Anyways, I was lonely. It all felt like a wonderful dream, not reality.

Watching to the ground, I was just sitting in the corner of my screen, thinking of a real human contact. This day was amazing yet incomplete. Once a tear of mine felt on the ground, or should I say on the screen, everything turned dark, I was surrounded by nothingness.

Luckily, I managed to open my eyes and saw my mum and dad standing above me. I was lying in a hospital because I had been hit by a car the night I received the winning mail. Although I felt terrible and weak, I was happy to feel the real feelings all around me. And the best part is that winning the drawing competition was not a dream I can spend some quality time with my family on the trip and post about it on my social media.