Fingers crossed, Simka!

One of the most beautiful girls from our Orange Gympel, Simona Geršiová from 4.B, is the finalist of the beauty contest Miss Slovensko! You may know her as the most beautiful girl voted on POOG every year or just like a nice, very intelligent girl or a volleyball player. Now she is the finalist number 9 and for our dear readers, here is an interview with this beautiful student.

My first question was why she decided to go for casting. I know that everybody asks her this kind of question, but I think many of our readers are very curious about it. One of her friends told her last summer that she was just that type of a girl for that contest and she should try it. Then she lost some weight and finally one week before the casting she told herself to go for it. Fortunately, they chose her and now she is one of the 12 finalists of Miss Slovensko 2013!

Travelling, arrangements and of course preparations for maturita and entrance exams are the most demanding activities. Sometimes it is really challenging, but I hope Simona will manage it successfully.

On the other side, the best of all are the girls. Someone can say that there is a rivalry, but it isn´t true. Simka said they are very friendly, kind and funny. They understand each other and help when one of them asks for anything. She is enjoying all the activities. She wanted to try taking part and now she really doesn´t regret it. It is such a big experience to be a model and as she told me, she is going to be a part of one of the best model agencies in Slovakia, so after the competition and the final show, she absolutely won´t finish with modeling. Also she will miss all the girls but they already have summer plans. They will go to the camp with some children from the orphanage, which is going to be donated by voting of Miss Sympatia. So, if you sent a text message and vote for one of the girls (of course Simka J), your money will be given for a good thing.

Their typical day starts usually at 7 o´clock. After breakfast they have training with amazing choreographer Peter Varady, then lunch and then they practice catwalk and choreography until dinner. Then all the finalists are so tired that they just go to bed. Every day is special, the only thing which doesn´t change is that their days are planned and they can relax only in the evening.

One of my questions was how it is at school. Simka said that she was quite surprised how kind teachers were to her. When she is at home, she tries to learn a lot and then gets good marks at school but after the show she is going to study really hard because of the maturita and entrance exams.

Well, it seems that taking part in this contest is an awesome experience. You can meet new people, see interesting places and try something new. It is absolutely a different world and she adds that if she had a second chance, she would not hesitate and go for it again .


So, everybody let´s watch the final show of Miss Slovensko on the 14th of April and Simka, fingers crossed for you!


By Zuzana Hercegová