Esteemed Egyptians

The first article from series of more or less useless (but very interesting) facts about ancient nations begins with the Egyptians. Such a mighty, wise, godly and… dusty folk. They were here 3000 years BC. They could write, they could build pyramids, they could mummify. But you already know this. (I hope you do. If not, you have some serious gaps in your education. You should try to grab some book and read it instead of burning it in family hearth 😉 I have some vital facts (yes, they are true, even though they don’t seem to be) that might be interesting for you. Enjoy and don’t fall of the chair while laughing or screaming in terror:

  • In the pyramids there was everything that the buried king might need in after-life… including toilet.
  • It is assumed that the Egyptians pulled stones to pyramids on a sledge. Yes, in a desert.
  • If you have some time (and nothing to do), you can cut the Great Pyramid of Giza into boards 30 centimeters thick and build one meter high wall arround whole France.
  • People who turned the dead into mummies were embalmers and they worked in buildings called „Houses of beauty“. Many people think of something else when they hear it.
  • In 19th century, a businessman was importing the Egyptian mummies into a paper factory, where covers from mummies were worked into brown paper used to pack meat. When cholera epidemics broke out, everybody knew, where was the problem.
  • There weren’t many slaves in Egypt. The pyramids were built by free farmers. The problem was, that they treated them like slaves. If an owner of the land wanted to count his property, he counted them together with cattle.
  • Now something more pleasant. Or sweet. The Egyptians made first sweets in the world. For example date candies. They drank barley beer, too. And they never ate pigs.
  • Warning: next point is for people with a strong stomach. They had different use for pigs. They cured blindness by mixing honey, red dye and a pig eye (!) and pouring this nastiness into a blind person’s ear.

Now, when you know how to cure blindness, you are surely much wiser. You can flaunt yourselves with these extremely useful and important facts. Don’t think bad of the Egyptians, because they were truly amazing folk. If you got inetrested, try to read some books or watch The Mummy next time it will be on TV. And get ready for the Vikings. They are landing in the next issue!

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