Effective studying

You may be studying for many hours, but your results don’t appear to be as good as results of your classmates who claimed to take only a couple of minutes to memorize or understand. Why is that so?

Well, there are many types of studying and you should dip into this topic and find which one is the most effective for you. I personally believe schools should help with that matter, but unfortunately our school system is more like: “No matter if you are a monkey or a fish, just climb the tree!“ Maybe you just need more images in order to remember easily or to hear a story instead of separate points that don’t come together.

The most common mistake that students do is for example lack of concentration because in these day, social media can swallow us into this never-ending spiral of procrastination. When we are learning our whole attention should be put into the subject.

Finally, I personally like to take breaks between studying. I take half an hour for history, then half an hour for some hobbies of mine like painting or reading and do that over and over again. It helps me to keep my mind clear. I also prefer documentaries to plain texts. What I also find effective is rewriting my scripts or significant terms that are getting harder into my brain.

To sum up, I believe people should take time and discover themselves – What works and what doesn’t. We also shouldn’t compare each other to our classmates and find satisfaction in smaller successes of ours. We are all unique. We sometimes need to put time into ourselves instead of endless memorizing of something we are going to forget the next day anyway.

Veronika Gregoriková (4.C)