Diary of our Ski course


Day one

In the morning we scheduled a meeting at the bus station, where both our classes met. After we had put the suitcases, skis and other baggage into the buses, we travelled to the Tatranska Lomnica. The journey lasted 45 minutes. When we  arrived at the hotel we got sorted into our rooms and  had some time to get to the ski dressing room , and we were as skiers ready to enter groups according to our skiing skills. On the slope we were skiing from 9:00 to 15:00. We had lunch during the pause on the Skalnaté pleso, since we had packed our lunches before the trip. After skiing, we had a 2-hour break for showering, unpacking and some of us managed to visit other rooms with our friends. We had dinner at 17:00. Everyone could choose from two dishes. After dinner we received some important informations and then we had a free program until 22:00 when the silent hours started. I think that on the first night  no one was up for too long because we had a very hard day.


Day two

I think in the morning each one of us set their own alarm. The morning was great, the amazing mountain air was also a plus. Breakfast at 8:00 could not be compared to those that we have at home at around 6:00. For breakfast we could eat whatever we wanted. We went to the ski slope at 9:00. We were skiing on the amazing and well prepared slopes. Occasionally, when the fog fell and the visibility was poor we skied in pairs, in case someone would fall so the other one could call for help. Around 12:45 we returned from the slope to the hotel to have a lunch and relax for a bit. For lunch we had a very tasty rissoto. From 15:00 to 16:00 we were skiing again and then at about 16:45 we could go, along with our instructors, to buy more food. Later we had dinner as usual and then we had a lecture with a mountain service worker, who talked about the responsibility that we should have while doing sports in the mountains. He also mentioned some sad cases that had happened in the past. From 20:00 to 22:00 we had a free program that everyone used for themselves. Some were rekaxing, others chatted or played cards and some were sitting on Wi-Fi scrolling their social accounts. Then we just went to sleep and were prepearing for a new morning.


Day three

In the morning, the same as the others, we got up, got dressed and we were going to the ski slope rightaway. On this day we were skiing only till 11:30, because in the afternoon we already had a plan to relax in the Aquacity and the other group was supposed to go on the Hrebienok. I was in the group of the tourists. Our trip looked like this: 13:15 meeting in front of the hotel 13:35 departure by the train from Tatranska Lomnica to Stary Smokovec 13:50 we arrived by the train to the station in Stary Smokovec, on the Hrebienok we travelled with a cog railway 14:15 we were on the Hrebienok from where we went on a hike to the Reiner’s cottage and we also went to look at the ice statues which were, during the whole winter, available to the public 15:30 we went with the cog railway back to the train station from which we returned by the train, after returning we went to buy food and then went back to the hotel 18:00 was dinner. After dinner, everyone in their groups with their instructors evaluated the day and made a plan for the next day. Later we had free program and of course a party.



Day four

This morning was again the same as the others. Departure from the hotel to the ski slope was planned at 8:40. We wanted to catch the freshly adjusted ski slope. We were skiing until 12:30 and we returned to the hotel for lunch and a break. Skiing was amazing. But when we returned at about 14:00, the ski slopes were already icy. Fortunately, we made it without any accidents. We returned to the hotel at 15:40. We had time to shower and relax. Those who already ate their food were able to go to the shop. The evening was followed by dinner and the evening program ‘A class entertains a class ‚  which turned out to be an excellent experience. Each class tried to entertain the other and we made some nice memories and took nice photos. I think everyone enjoyed the last evening of the ski course. The party was extended by one hour to 23:00, with the condition that we wouldn’t be too noisy.



Final day

In the morning, the last breakfast of this ski course was waiting for us. After the breakfast we carried all the things from our rooms to the saloon. When we had emptied the rooms and our things were in the room that had been prepared for us,  we went skiing till lunch and then we packed our things, loaded the buses and returned home. From my point of view, this was the best ski cours I could wish for. I got better in skiing, I met students from the other classes, and we were a very good team. I am very thankful for the whole ski course which i had enjoyed a lot and the memories of all the amazing experiences  will stay in my heart and I will be happy when I think of them.

Author, Photograph: Zora Frankovičová I.C