The winners of the Orindzik competition are:


Andrea Zajacová 3.B – 20 euros

Martin Bajtoš 3.E – 15 euros

Martin Gburík 3.E – 15 euros



Here are their photos and stories:

Andrea Zajacová

Hello everyone! I´m writing you to take part in your competition. Firstly, to be honest, this photo hasn´t been taken by me, but I just can´t remember who has taken it, so assume it please just as one nice photo because I am not able to say anything more about it. The photo was taken on Monday after our guys won the soccer championship. Maybe the quality isn´t so good, but I love this picture because is the only one of us, in which we are together somewhere at school. Something about us – we are the first class which is concerned about sport. We are known not to be clever or remarkable, but I must admit that I absolutely adore my class no matter what they say. I am so proud of being there, with all these people. I am so proud of being part of 3.B. Take care, Andrea Zajacová, 3.B


Martin Bajtoš

Shot of my buddy David with a banana in his pocket taken in february 2012. This simple photo turned into a legendary event we will never forget. It is in my favourite corridor (comfy wide parapets for sitting and lots of light for crazy photos). I edited it into a poster which „encourages people to fight routine and apathy in their lives“. Or in other words, to fight each other with bananas instead of guns :D. Ever since then, whenever we get a banana with lunch, there’s always a western duel or a gun fight and lots of dead. In my eyes, the photo symbolizes amazing times i have with my friends. Thanks to them i enjoy my school attendance to the fullest and i’m glad i met them.

Martin Bajtoš, 3.E


Martin Gburík

I love my school, my school loves me, everyone needs vitamin c.

If you want to be healthy, if you want to be wise, and sometimes win the Nobel Prize,

study at my school. We are learning every grammatical rule. Long time ago we had a swimming pool 🙁

But now there is a summer house, where lives the Mickey Mouse. Or the Santa Claus?

I think you are wondering what does the girl on the photo do…
She said she was doing a backflip to hit the ball, too.

I was afraid she would break her back, in this case this photo would be already on 9gag… 😛

Martin Gburík, 3.E