Colorful beauty

What we need:

a jar (different size), coloured bath salt (you can buy it in a drugstore),a teaspoon, some decorations to decorate a lid

How to do it:

Choose three or more colours of coloured bath salt)

  • Pour coloured bath salt into a jar (just a short pile in a part of the jar – 1st picture ), use the teaspoon and shape it in the way you want it
  • Take different colour as in the 1st picture and pour this salt into another one part of the jar (you can make a little hole between those two different dollop of the coloured bath salt – 2nd picture)
  • Pour the third different colour of bath salt into the hole – 3rd picture. Make a little hole into that third colour of bath salt with a spoon – 4th picture
  • Carry on in this action – 5th picture
  • You can do this procedure into every part of the jar
  • You have to pour coloured bath salt to the edges of the jar, because when you close it, the salt can´t mix and it has to stay how you had done it
  • Finally, decorate the jar with decorations from a flower shop

Some examples 🙂  :

by Starlight