Classic novel made into a movie

Oliver Twist is a film directed by Roman Polanski, released in 2005. It´s based on the novel of the same name written in 1837 by Charles Dickens. It tells a story from Victorian England about the childhood of a poor young boy called Oliver Twist.

As Oliver is an orphan, he´s placed in a workhouse. When directors send him away because he asks for more food, he comes to the Sowerberrys´ house. Because, he is not treated well there, he escapes to London. He meets Artful Dodger, a pickpocket, working for an old man called Fargin who let Oliver stay in his house. One day Oliver is unjustly charged with stealing books from Mr Brownlow´s bookshop. Things are cleared up and Mr Brownlow gives Oliver a new home but Fagin´s partner Sykes with his girlfriend Nancy find him. He´s made to steal again. After a failed robbery Sykes and Fagin want to kill him. Nancy warns Mr Brownlow. When Sykes learns it, he kills Nancy. Then he is almost caught by the police but accidentally hangs himself at escape. Finally, Oliver stays in Mr Brownlow´s house to live with him.

In my opinion, Polanski, he is a great director. He chooses the best topics for his movies and goes into details. I didn´t like this film as much as The Pianist, for example, but I still think it´s good to watch it. All the actors played their roles amazingly. Barney Clark starring the main character, Oliver Twist, was very convincing. I would recommend this film to everybody who is interested in history and how ordinary English people lived in the past. While watching it, a viewer won´t only become familiar with Oliver´s story but also with life conditions in the times of Victorian era in England.


Martina Ďuráková, 3. A