Christmas wreath

What we need:

polystyrene wreath, fir-needles (small artificial twigs of needles), hot melt glue gun, 4 bases of candles, 4 advent candles, decorative material – small cones, coloured paper, small Christmas balls or another types of decoration

How to do it?

  • Package polystyrene wreath with coloured paper.
  • Take cones and glue them to wreath by hot melt glue gun.
  • Fix 4 bases of candles on wreath. Places between candles can be filled by little Christmas balls. They can be filled in by hot melt glue gun.
  • After decorating put advent candles on bases and advent wreath is completed.
  • You can combine candles, Christmas-tree and decorations to the same colour. You can change your advent wreath every year, if you want another one colour, just change little Christmas balls and candles…
  • If advent is over remove the candles and redecorate it into a Christmas wreath or decoration that can be hanged on the wall or the front door. 🙂

  • Some pictures are from the Internet 🙂

    by Starlight