Colorful beauty

What we need: a jar (different size), coloured bath salt (you can buy it in a drugstore),a teaspoon, some decorations to decorate a lid How to do it: Choose three or more colours of coloured bath salt) Pour coloured bath salt into a jar (just a short pile in a part of the jar – […]

Interesting painting :)

I think that this video is really interesting. When I saw it for the first time, I thought that that artist was painted on a kind of wide-screen TV :D. But it isn’t true. You just need a plate with acocked edges, water ( pour it onto this plate ) and tempera mixed with gasoline. […]

Christmas wreath

What we need: polystyrene wreath, fir-needles (small artificial twigs of needles), hot melt glue gun, 4 bases of candles, 4 advent candles, decorative material – small cones, coloured paper, small Christmas balls or another types of decoration How to do it? Package polystyrene wreath with coloured paper. Take cones and glue them to wreath by […]