Hey everyone!

My name is Monika and I would like to show you how to prepare my favorite smoothie bowl for great fresh breakfast before a long day.

All you need is : ½ avokado

1 banana

Greek youghurt white milko

1 teaspoon chia seeds

Protein powder (if you have any)

These ingredients are for smoothie, but also you need something for decoration for example some fruit, nuts, seeds, granola or whatever you choose. It´s up to you. And the main thing you need to have is a good blender.

So let´s do it :

  • Put the banana with ½ avocado to a blender .

Make sure you have a mature avocado and perfect to eat, because then it taste more better and also it´s simple to blend it .It should be soft. Also if you have very big banana you can use only a half for a smoothie and the other half for a decoration. But if you want to have it more sweetie you can use the whole banana for a smoothie.

  • Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds and 1 measuring cup of protein powder any type you have or just a white Greek Youghurt Milko with ¼ cup of milk.

It´s alright if you need to add more milk because it´s hard to blend it, but it should have consistency of youghurt so be careful while adding more.Blend until everything smooth. Put smoothie into bowl and now it´s time to decorate it.

You can use  FRUIT– banana, kiwi, mango, blueberries, cherries…

                       SEEDS –pumpkin, sunflower, chia, sesame …

                       NUTS – brazil, almonds, cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts…

Here is how I made my smoothie bowl:










I use kiwi and strawberries, sunflower seeds and coconut chips, my own homemade granola which I can show you another time how I made it but you can use musly or oats and also I use goji cause I love them. So that´s everything and I hope you will love it after tasting cause it´s very delicious, simple and healthy. You can have it also for a snack.

Hope you like it …

Monika Bdžochová

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Painting as a passion


Hi everybody!


My name is Klaudia Korpeľová and I am crazy about painting. I have been painting since I can remember. It´s my passion and people say that I am talented.My English teacher asked me to present some of my works to you, so here they are:

I called this picture A puppet, because sometimes I feel like a puppet. Everybody is manipulating me and I don´t want to disappoint them, althought it´s destroying me.


This is called There are no differences and it was made for children suffering from cancer. People in the entire world may seem different, but we are same in the end.


- Hopeless

other works:

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Melted crayon pumpkins

Hi! We have a special Halloween pumpkin decoration idea for you!
1. Glitter the pumpkin with any colour you like.
2., 3. Decorate and colour it with melted crayons.
4., 5. The final result! Make your house stand out this year with this creative pumpkin decoration idea!


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What we need :

2 white paper squares (5×5 cm), yellow circle from crepe paper (average – 5 cm), pencil, scissors, glue, green or yellow straw

Then agglutinate everything together

Make a little hole with scissors into the middle of the flower.

Then cut the straw into “ sun rays”.

Enjoy it :)

by Starlight

This process and pictures are from the Internet.

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Kusudama – flower

Origami Kusudama Flowers are one of the cutest origami creations. It is easy enough for kids to make with little adult supervision. These origami can be given as a present or it can be just nice decoration…

What we need:

origami paper or just thick paper – different colours, glue, scissors

How to do it:

  • Cut paper into squares – choose size on your own (for example 5×5 cm) … to make one part of all Kusudama flowers you need at least 5 squares.

3rd picture – Take one square.
4th picture – Flip it so that the white side is on top and fold bottom corner to top.
5th picture – You get a triangle, now hold the right corner and put it to the top point.
6th picture – Now put the left corner to the top. You will get a square.
7th picture – Fold the right flap down so that it matches the edge of square. Press firmly.
8th picture – Fold down the left flap so that it matches the left edge of the square.
9th picture – Open the right side flap as shown to flatten them.

10th picture – Open the left side flap in the same way.
11th picture – Fold the top triangle on the right side towards you. Crease gently.
12th picture – Fold similarly on the left side.
13th picture – Fold the triangles back.
14th picture – Put little glue on the edges as shown.
15th picture – Glue the outside triangles and hold it till it sticks.
16th picture – One of the five petals is ready.
17th picture – Make five such petals.
18th picture – Glue the five petals together to make a flower.

Then you can do more “little flowers” as in 18th picture and put together with glue as in picture at the top of this article. You can decorate it with pearls, glitters and everything what you want. Finally you can clip on a ribbon.

Enjoy it :)

Some examples :

Some pictures and informations are taken from the Internet :)

by Starlight

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Colorful beauty

What we need:

a jar (different size), coloured bath salt (you can buy it in a drugstore),a teaspoon, some decorations to decorate a lid

How to do it:

Choose three or more colours of coloured bath salt)

  • Pour coloured bath salt into a jar (just a short pile in a part of the jar – 1st picture ), use the teaspoon and shape it in the way you want it
  • Take different colour as in the 1st picture and pour this salt into another one part of the jar (you can make a little hole between those two different dollop of the coloured bath salt – 2nd picture)
  • Pour the third different colour of bath salt into the hole – 3rd picture. Make a little hole into that third colour of bath salt with a spoon – 4th picture
  • Carry on in this action – 5th picture
  • You can do this procedure into every part of the jar
  • You have to pour coloured bath salt to the edges of the jar, because when you close it, the salt can´t mix and it has to stay how you had done it
  • Finally, decorate the jar with decorations from a flower shop

Some examples :)   :

by Starlight

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