What is Euroscola about?

The programme gives young people opportunity of visiting Strassbourg, and spending one day at the European Parliament negotiating like the real Europarlamentarians. The European Parliament has established the programme Euroscola with 3 basic aims:

The first one is to acquaint European teen-agers of ages 16 to 18 with the internal operation of this supranational institution, whose parlamentarians are elected in general direct elections.

The second aim is to give young people experience of communitarian Europe, by their participation in sessions, where they can share their opinions regarding work with European format, or issues, which they are interested in (e.g. unemployment, protection of life environment, racism, etc.).

The last one is to try to somehow advert the importance of knowledge of foreign languages in united Europe.

During the one working day, approximately 500 young people meet at the Europen Parliament in Strassbourg. There is a demand to collectively consider the consequences of constructing the Europe. They also have to use their language skills to cooperate with their partners from the European Union member states, because students present their thoughts in English or French.

Working days of Euroscola programme are held since 1989. Nowadays, about 10 000 young people from Europe participate anually.

After the arrival to Strassbourg, each school gets a guide, who is responsible for entrance formalities. He (or she) also gives teachers and students information about upcoming day, and accompanies them during the whole day.

We participated in this programme 2 years ago, and we travelled to Strassbourg for a 4-day long “business trip” in October, 2016. We spent one day as Europarlamentarians and had opportunity to vote “for” or “against” some ideas, and to express our own opinions in front of 700 people. Subsequently, we have decided to take part in this programme in 2017, too. Our main goal is to support the young (un)employed people and the people, who are handicapped.

Several discussions took place at our school during this November in relation to our programme. The first of them was the discussion with the member of European Parliament Mrs. Monika Smolková and the member of National Council of Slovak republic Mrs. Lea Grečková, who is also vicemayor of the town Spišská Nová Ves. It was held on 9th November. Next discussion held on 14th November was the one with the director of the asylum in Hodkovce, Mr. Beňo. The last one was the discussion with the another European Parliament member Mrs. Jana Žitňanská, held on 15th November. During these discussions we asked questions related to (un)employed young people and people that are handicapped, and afterwards guests answered them.

We believe that thanks to this programme we wil help people, who really need it.

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An exchange with Germans

On the 21st of October German students arrived to Spišská Nová Ves. They stayed here for one week. They had an official program every day, but we had to figure out what will we do after that.

The first day when they came to Spišská Nová Ves we took them to the restaurant Gurmán where we ate pizza. It was really delicious. After that we showed them our town square and then we took them to Alchýmka where was a Movie festival. That night they were showing  short animated comedy movies from all around the world. Some of them were really funny.

The following day we took them to play snooker and I can tell you it was a lot of fun.

During the weekend the weather was really bad. It was raining all day, so we didn’t really know what to do. Some Slovak students took Germans to motocross, some took them to Markušovce to the manor-house and then they were playing board games together.

On Monday and Tuesday we took them to a bar. We chatted there, played cards and it was really good.

On Wednesday, the last day, we took Germans to play bowling. We were separated into small groups, in which we were mixed the Slovaks and the Germans. It was more funny and interesting that way, so we had a lot of fun playing bowling.

The day after we had to say our goodbyes to the German students in the morning, which was really sad for us. It was such a pleasure to have them here in Spišská Nová Ves and let them stay in our houses. We will always remember these beautiful and memorable moments spent with the Germans.

Katarína Gardošíková (3.E)

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You love out of art.

Hello human!
Here you go – art. From my experience the most … joyful phenomenon that goes along with it are emotions. When you feel a shakiness as old as the hills sparkling from your chest. You, dipped in the flow of something so aesthetic, something so blooming. I wish very much to every single one of you to experience this little moment some time in your life.
Anyway, without further ado let’s get into the main point of the article. I asked three students from our school to describe their experience with the joyful phenomenons while doing art. Soak it up!

Photography – Alexandra Papcunová 

The moment when I fell in love with photographing? Well, I was interested in art since I was a child, when my parents signed me up to art school. I was attending art classes for ten years. When I started going to high school my interest attracted analogue camera. First two years I was taking photos just for fun. I didn’t reckon it as anything serious in my life as now. Through that season I made only three films which contained my photos. The breaking point was when I developed my fourth film, which I consider as my best. The photos are from period from September to October of 2016. During those 2 months I have captured my feelings from the days spent in offshore Croatian’s town Poreč and consecutive trip to Paris with my best friend. Therefore, I met new people who were devoted to analogue photo. And so it happened. I started to learn, literally. Right now I’m using 3 different analogue cameras and I’m experimenting with them. I’m trying various techniques and I’m expanding my knowledge. After three years, this activity happened to be part of me. My biggest dream is to be on such level when I won’t be afraid to develop my own films.


Dance – Viktor Kuzl

When someones ask me what I feel when I dance my answer is everything or nothing. Why everything? Because when I see my friends or just ordinary people how they enjoy music and dance it’s incredible feeling. Another feeling is happiness. I’m so so happy that I found these people what are part of our dance community. They have very kind, soft, sensible souls full of love, gratitude … I love these people. A lot of them change my life every day. They make my dreams come true. I’m thankful for people around me and also for dancing, for opportunities. The most powerful feeling for me is love. When you come to the party or somewhere where dancers share dance between each other, love is everywhere. Everywhere! Because they love what they do, they love each other, they love music … You see smiles on their faces. You feel that they aren’t fake. They dance with heart. Always. It’s the most important thing when you’re doing anything. No just when you’re a dancer. Everything that you do, do with love. Share love, please. Question „When did you fall in love with dance“ is hard to answer for me. Why? I fall in love with dance over and over …
Second answer is nothing. When I start to dance I forget my problems. My mind is empty, but my heart is full. Just me, music and love to dance. With dance you can express yourself. We can express any feelings, but through dance we feel just positive feelings. You can talk. Dance is hidden language of soul. For me it’s everything. Dance is my life. Dance changed my life. Through dance I got second family. BDSKrew. And last thing … If you don’t know about dancing, about our street dance community anything, be quiet, please.
Writing – Vika Kudriková 

When I was a small kiddo I loved reading books. Different stories of different people. Just to escape from my life somehow. As you could guess, I was a big antisocial bookworm. And I loved just to sit and read a book after book. I was startled by the beauty of words and by the art how authors are able to paint stories just by using words. So, I tried it myself. I say try because it was really just a try. I tried writing various fantasy stories since I was 12 years old. And to be honest, those stories were terrible. Full of clichés and without any plot twists. I wasn’t able to properly finish those stories either. So in the age of 15, when I realized that I suck in writing, I stopped. But at some point, one summer holiday ago, when I was almost 17 I started to write poems. Out of nowhere. I needed to put the feels out of myself, so I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a poem. And to my own surprise, it wasn’t that bad. So, I kept writing. At the start, those poems were not really collected and they were too long to keep the reader interested. But after some time they started to get shorter and better. I realized that I can express my emotions and myself better in English. So when you will read some poem written by me it will most likely be in English and a bit depressive. I write when I’m experiencing some negative or very intensive emotions. Or when I want to tell humanity that it’s doing terrible job again.

She fell in love
with boy’s mask,
she trusted his lies
and his acts,
she was fooled
by his beautiful mask,
now she is crying out
the venom
he put
in her veins.
That pure shell
she once was
is now stained
by his hands
from bodies
of others.


Veronika Gregoriková II.C

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World Vegetarian Day

For the celebrations of the World Vegetarian Day, we decided to prepare a talk about vegetarianism, closely related to why we, personally, became vegetarians.

Meat. For most of us the main part of our menu. But at some point in our history it has totally lost its necessity in our diet. So, is vegetarianism good or not? Let us have a look.

People love their food. And when it comes to their eating habits they think of the taste of the portion and the nutrition but they  forget to  think about the consequences. They are simply selfish and the only life they care about is the one they live. Just because we are on the top of the food chain (we could also argue about that), it does not mean we are the ones to decide whose life is more valuable. That is why we have decided to live our lives cruelty-free. But the animals suffering is not the only reason, let us show you some other reasons why we became vegetarian:

  • The meat on the market is full of antibiotics, so by avoiding it you can lower the possibility of getting food poisoning.

  • The conditions that animals are born and raised in are terrible. Animals live in hundreds in small and dirty cages. During their lives, they have to travel long distances without access to food and fresh water.

  • Meat consumption is rapidly increasing every year, which leads to massive increase of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere.

  • Cattle needs large fields to be raised on and their consumption leads to deforestation. Therefore, eating meat is not the truly ecological thing to do.

  • 1/3 of meat bought by an average family is wasted and thrown away.


As vegetarians, we know we can‘t (and don’t) force people to vegetarianism, but we are still often the victims of mean comments….

,, Without meat you don´t have enough protein to grow and you have lack of vitamins“ Actually, we are perfectly healthy because there are many alternative ways to get healthy nutrients. By eating plenty of fiber and protein from legumes you can make your diet as nutritious as any meatlover´s.


,,It´s not a lifestyle, you are just picky and spoiled“ We have our own brains and we have right to make our own decisions. We don´t judge you for eating corpses.


,,If you love animals so much, why do you eat their food? You are not a rabbit“ The energy needed to grow vegetables is much lower than the energy used to raise a whole cow. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about the rabbits. Their lives are not dependent on human-grown crops.


To sum it all up, we can all live our lives the way we want to, but as modern and intelligent beings we should know that we are responsible for our actions. Your body is a temple, not a tomb. With meat or without it, we all should try to live according to that.


Thanks for reading.

Picture from:

Article by: Stanislava Šimková, Lenka Lormanová, 2.C

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What did the ski course look like this year?

As traditionally, even this year the freshman students attended a ski course.

In this article, I would like to give you a closer look at what it looked like, and also that older students can compare it to their course and refresh their memories.

Like almost every trip it  started a bit chaotically. All the stress about luggage and later than about the room assignment. And of course the moment when right after unpacking our stuff we had to go for our first skiing lesson. Everyone was looking for their groups and professors and felt either excited or scared about going skiing. For some students it was their first time standing on ski. However, things got better in the evening when Mrs.Toporcerová informed us about upcoming days and after that we had free time to have fun and socialize until 10 p.m., when we were supposed to be at our rooms. And,of course, we were ;) . The next days looked kinda all the same. We woke up, headed down for breakfast, had our morning skiing lesson, lunch with a short break, afterwards we had another skiing lesson and it continued with the evenings – the more fun part of the course… But Wednesday was different. On Wednesday we didn’t have a skiing lesson after lunch. We were divided into two groups. The first group went to AquaCity Poprad and the
other one went for a walk to Hrebienok. I’m sure it was a pleasing variation of an afternoon and surely  a relaxing one for our exhausted selves. Days went and we didn’t even realize it was Friday, the last day of  our course. We packed our stuff, had our last skiing lessons and went home. We had an amazing week full of fun, adventures and we made a lot of great memories. Yes, we also had some accidents and other dramas ,but it all helped us to strenghten out relationships with  classmates and professors. That reminds me … I would like to thank the professors who were there with us for their patience and spirit. This course wouldn’t even happen without them.


Did you recognize our editor Dominika Deptová?


Or our other editor, Veronika Gregoriková? (the one with red helmet ;) )

Kristína Záhradníková 1.C

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Speaker’s Corner

Hi !

My name is Kate and in this article I would like to write about competition called “Speaker’s Corner”.

I attended this competition together with my friends Annamária Salanciová and Simka Denešová on 9th February of 2017 in Žilina. We represented our school in this English competition in public speaking full of young and ambitious students from whole Slovakia.

From left to right: Simka Denešová, Katarína Gburíková, Annamária Salanciová

Contestants could choose if they wanted to speak for or against the statement and the commitee expected that the students of every age were able to use meaningful arguments in their speeches. After each speech, the committee asked the contestant up to three questions.

We could choose one of  5 topics. The girls chose the topic “If you want to succeed in life you should become a good liar.” and my topic was “Teachers should be more like parents to students rather than authorities”.

Just to give you a quick insight of how the speeches ended up being like, I am attaching a full version of mine. My speech was:

Dear judges, students, teachers and listeners,

My name is Katarína Gburíková and today I would like to tell you my opinion about the topic which I have choosen for today’s competition : “Teachers should be more like parents to students rather than authorities”. I have choosen this topic, because  I think about and discuss problems of students and teachers very often, and even more because I am member of the  student council of our school. And I truly believe that one day teachers and students will have the best relationship that they can have and they will  make awesome progress together. In my opinion, the job of a teacher is one of the most important professions.

Firstly, teachers play a key role in the education and also student’s life. Only the person with proper vision, experience and an educational degree should be able enter the teaching profession. Teaching is a great responsibility. It has a great impact on the growth and well-being of the nation. Teachers in addition to parents play an important role in molding students. Students are to be handled with affection and courtesy. Students’ points of view should always be considered once before a teacher applies his opinion on them. An ideal teacher should be impartial, courteous, not affected by student’s disrespect or insults. Further, he must make them aware of better universities and colleges to get higher education. Many students do not know about possible options for future studies. If a student has some problems with behavior or studying, then the teacher’s role is to help him overcome the problem by showing special affection and attention to the student.

Furthermore, a teacher can solve many students’ problems in respect to his thoughts, behavior and carreer . I’d say : Give respect and take respect is the phrase for society. But in a student and teacher’s relation… It becomes give affection & attention and take respect and regards from student. A teacher should be like a parent to the students. He should try to see if students are satisfied, healthy and active. Encouraging students to take up some extracurricular activities and also welfare programs with the support of his colleagues is welcome. Children really need adults who help and listen to them. They see kids during their growing up much more often then parents do. They must have passion for teaching them. They have to do a lot of different things.

Even researches show that the quality of a teacher is dominant factor in how successful students will be at school. They must get to know their students, understand who they are, where they are from, what kind of interest they have, and many more things.

Dear teacher, please, be pushy, make the lessons relevant to our lives, be consistent and firm, believe in us, explain, explain and then again explain and be good example for us. If teachers teach us the way I said, students will be given much bigger possibility to get to the university and if teachers are a good example for them, they can became not just successful but good people full of kidness.

Every speech was full of great ideas and thoughts. We had inspired each other. If you want to know the results, well, I ended up on 4th place, Simka on 5th and Anne on 12th. We really enyojed this day and we hope that next year we will repeat this experience again.


Katarína Gburíková 2.C

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