Diary of our Ski course

27.1.2020 Day one In the morning we scheduled a meeting at the bus station, where both our classes met. After we had put the suitcases, skis and other baggage into the buses, we travelled to the Tatranska Lomnica. The journey lasted 45 minutes. When we  arrived at the hotel we got sorted into our rooms […]

Plastics on Earth

Plastic itself is a BIG problem on  the Earth. Plastic is everywhere: in the oceans, seas, in the wild, in homes. Even a large number of animals have died due to the plastic. Struggle against plastic: Recently, a girl from Sweden ,Greta Thunberg, has been fighting the climate change, plastic. She protested against climate change […]

Thanksgiving Day – what do we know about this holiday?

I think many of you heard about Thanksgiving, but you may not know why they celebrate it or when. Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. The roots of this holiday go back to 17th century, when a group of Pilgrims sat around table and thanked that they survived their […]

Our awesome „Imatriculation“

by Sofia Dobranská, 1.A   IMATRIKULÁCIE – a traditional and popular school event took place again at our Orange grammar school. This year´s 3rd graders did their best to succeed in this challenge. „We wanted this event to be a special experience and unforgettable evening. So, how to do it? That was the question for us […]