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Source: Internet: Facebook: Creative Moms

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Romantic (Valentine) Look

Hi guys !

I’m here again with Michelle Phan. I know that romantic valentine day was here last month and I hadn’t  given there anything, but my opinion is – a woman or girl can be lovely ,charming, beautiful  and feel romantic  in everyday  life. For example for romantic dinner with her darling, special surprise or just for enjoy  a beautiful moment, there is the time to look like you’re in love.

Here you are . Inspiration by Michelle Phan to do Romantic (Valentine )Look.

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YouTube guru !!!

Do you know who is the best known for creating make-up tutorials and beauty tip videos on YouTube ? I do. Amazing Michelle Phan !

As you can see from her surname she is Vietnamese American .She was born in Massachusetts, but her mother and father were born in Vietnam. Before she became a YouTube guru, she was a student and worked as a part time waitress in a sushi restaurant.

Michelle Phan joined YouTube on July 18, 2006, and as of November 2010, she has created 100 videos that have been viewed over 260,000,0000 times. She became the No.1 most subscribed female on YouTube and the first female to reach 1 million subscribes. She is very successful and also she is a video spokesperson for Lancome Additionally.

Michelle is known for her video style that incorporates her voice over instruction with music and text subtitles. Popular beauty tutorials released on Phan’s YouTube channel have included her “Romantic Valentine Look”, “Brighter Larger Looking Eyes”, “Makeup For Glasses”, and “Mysterious Masquerade Look”. Her most popular videos include the “Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial” with over 20,000,000 video views on YouTube.

She is very famous all over the world and I really like her videos , so you can see the best of them here .

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Oh, yeah ! Is it real ? Yes, today is the day D . MTV EMA’s are coming !I’m so glad, that I can be there. There are so many famous people, celebrities, singers, actors, whole Hollywood.. I’m standing on a red carpet and oh my god my hero Beyonce is coming ,the next is Katy Perry, oh yes , she is so amazing ! What ? Enrique ? What‘s the hell ? I have buterflies in my stomach , I love him ! And now , are you kidding me ? The biggest star of this evening is here ! CONVERSE shoe ,welcome !!! Everybody is looking at it . Oh, it is looking at me , what should I do ? Yes, I know . This is my time! So let’s make an interview !

I: Hello, my name is Rebecca and I work for Orindžik magazine.;) Nice to meet you.

C: Nice to meet you too. Orindžik magazine ? Wow, so original name. I really like it .:)

I: Thank you . Could you answer some questions ? Do not hasitate.Go for it !

C:Yes, of course. Ask me….

I: So, are you having a good time ?

C: Yes, everything is OK now, but in my private life is one thing, which makes me angry.Everybody knows Converse as a famous brand , but they don‘t know anything about my beginnings.Cause they made me famous

I: I think thats true .Can you tell me more about you ?

C: Okay, I´ll try.

It was in 1908 that the Converse Rubber Corporation set up for business. The company began making athletic shoes. With the popularity of basketball, the Converse Corporation saw the need to develop a shoe that people could wear while playing. After lots of research and development, the very first version of the All Star basketball shoe was produced in 1917.

They would rapidly increased a few years later, thanks to Charles “Chuck” (H. Taylor.)

I:Yes, yes .I know. Chuck Norris

C: Oh no . Charles H. Taylor was a basketball player for the Akron Firestones. He liked what he saw in the All Star shoe ,and later became the coach for the Converse All-Stars.

He was so successful in promoting the All Star sneaker, in 1932, his name “Chuck Taylor” was added to the ankle patch. Hence the “Chuck Taylor” All Star basketball shoe was born!

I: Wow, I didn’t know that. It’s very interesting. Please , tell me more .

C: In the 1930s Chuck Taylor designed the optical white high top model for the 1936 Olympics, and those shoes became very popular. During World War II, Chuck Taylor served as a captain in the Air Force and the white high top chucks that became the “official” sneaker of the United States Armed Forces.

I: Have you been very popular by this time ?

C: Im trying not to be not very selfish , because Converse had an 80% share of the entire sneaker industry.After World War II, the classic black and white shoes were introduced, a much more eye-catching shoe than the monochrome black models that had been produced up to that time.

Taylor was called the “Ambassador to Basketball” and in 1968, Chuck Taylor was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, one year later he passed away.

I: What happened with you after Chuck’s death ?

C: Starting in the 1970s, athletic shoes became so popular as footwear. The shoes became very popular with rock musicians, and younger generations wore them for their distinctive looks, colors, and comfort .

Today more than 800,000,000 pairs of chucks have been sold. Converse All Star “Chuck Taylors” are over 75 years old but still going strong!

I: Yes, you are right ! Lots of celebrities wore, are wearing and will wear converse all the time.

C: I know and I am happy with this. It seems that there won‘ be any problems with unemployment.

I : Thank you so much for your time and save journey. Let me wish you a lot of careful users and high quality.

C: Thanks , bye.

This brand is very famous and favourite over the world. Its articles are at first of all shoes , and today we can buy so many types of bags and very fashionable things to wear for girls and boys too.

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