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Romantic (Valentine) Look

Hi guys ! I’m here again with Michelle Phan. I know that romantic valentine day was here last month and I hadn’t  given there anything, but my opinion is – a woman or girl can be lovely ,charming, beautiful  and feel romantic  in everyday  life. For example for romantic dinner with her darling, special surprise […]

YouTube guru !!!

Do you know who is the best known for creating make-up tutorials and beauty tip videos on YouTube ? I do. Amazing Michelle Phan ! As you can see from her surname she is Vietnamese American .She was born in Massachusetts, but her mother and father were born in Vietnam. Before she became a YouTube guru, […]


Oh, yeah ! Is it real ? Yes, today is the day D . MTV EMA’s are coming !I’m so glad, that I can be there. There are so many famous people, celebrities, singers, actors, whole Hollywood.. I’m standing on a red carpet and oh my god my hero Beyonce is coming ,the next is […]