My Gap Year

When I was a child, I had a lot of dreams, like to be a princess, have a wonderful palace, have jewelry, and have power and authority. My dreams changed the moment when I understood how the world works. I was very disappointed. I started thinking about poor people. Where is justice? Is somewhere here? […]

It is all about the point of view…

Have you ever been in situation when you realized that things are better than you thought? Have you ever seen a person who is always angry beacuse of everything around?   I was in a bus. I was a a little bit disgusted, because many people around me were ill and they sneezed without hand on their mouth. I almost […]

Thing I am Concerned About

  The thing that I’m concerned about these days is how life of our generation will be in the future. What will WE do? Where will we go? What will happen to us?  If you ask young people: „What do you want to do for the rest of your life?“ what will their answers be […]


  „Everyone has a story to tell. Everybody will tell it sooner or later, for a different purpose. And some stories are not just like the others. Let me tell you one of those. Story of mine, yet not about me. Story about a girl brave enough to deserve her own one.“ ***                 I […]

Influence of technical development on the standard of living

People have always tried to make their life easier. In the last few decades the technical development has been rising rapidly and many useful things have been invented. It has had an enormous impact on the standard of living that is generally still getting better. Nowadays, we all use some labour devices and gadgets in […]